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FAQ'S - Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get instant access over my payment?
Yes, once your payment is made you can start watching live TV on your computer within seconds! Everything is completely digital so you never have to wait.

How long has Digital TV on PC been in business?
DigitalTVonPC has been in business since early 2004

Is Digital TV on PC legal?
Yes, absolutely! You are granted access to open gateways which is not illegal.

What do I get for my $37.00?
You will get a lifetime membership. As soon as your payment has been processed, you will instantly receive our full service package. Just follow any link you want to start the broadcasts.

Do I need hardware to use Digital TV on PC?
No, the software is designed with the latest media technology so that you will only need Digital TV on PC. You really don?t need anything else to watch live TV!

Are their any monthly charges?
No, we charge you a one-time fee only! You will never be asked or charged anything after that.

Is it safe to order from your website?
Yes, our website is completely safe and protected by Clickbank with the latest 256-bit encryption making your order 100% secure.

Is Digital TV on PC easy to use?
Yes, with our user-friendly interface literally anyone can use this software! We guarantee our software is easier to use then any normal TV.

Isn't streaming TV Shows and movies illegal?
Streaming Live TV as opposed to TV shows or Movies online is completely legal. Just like watching a TV at home. However, if the country you reside in has any individual laws (for example in the UK a TV license is necessary to allow you to watch Live TV) then these should be addressed before using Digital TV on PC at your own discretion.

Can I watch TV channels in my own language?
Yes, you can simply select the language(s) you prefer under the tab settings.

How many channels are included in the package?
Our service package comes with over 3000 (HD) TV channels from all over the world including local, regional and international broadcasts. (and when we say 3000 channels we mean it, unlike others)

What software do I use to watch the streams?
Windows Media Player or Real Player. All applications are available to download from our own software area for FREE!

Is this a service available in the US only?
No, absolutely not! Our service can be accessed from any PC in the world!

Are future updates available?
Of course! You just need to press UPDATE button in the top of the screen - itīs THAT EASY!